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Tiger Fever Pride
This project is all about Tiger Fever Pride and my love for this magnificent beast of prey. This beast is cold natured at heart and will eat it's foes alive. This is a beautiful beast that will take no prisoners and show no sympathy. This beast shows no compassion for a foe or enemy. You can be weak or strong and still be prey to his hunger. The song Tiger Fever is a Tiger Fever Pride song. This is a perfect tool for use in stuffed singing tigers. Tiger fever is a perfect theme song that is broken down into six different versions. The lyric content is perfect for T shirts, other apparrel. and novelties and can be used to sell or promote any campaign honoring this beast of prey.

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If you belong to a tiger organization, Tiger fan club, own a business that uses it's image or just admire this beast in the wild, this song is for you. To this mighty beast in the wild this song is dedicated to you cause Weee Got Tiger Fever. Tiger Fever is a song that will definately be added to the Tiger Fever Pride Songlist. It is a song that will touch your spirit as well as amuse you. The songs lyrics are full and with a message. The message is that if you can't take the heat, flee as fast as you can. All of it's opponents have tucked thier tails and ran.

This project is a copyrighted work and licensed with BMI. All Rights are Reserved by me Gregory Lofton. This mp3 song is originally titled We Got Tiger Fever but recently changed.

The Tiger Fever instrumentals are very stimulating to the ear and provide great Tiger Fever Pride Music Tiger Fever is a mp3 song that is going to be loved all around the world. It is a spirit song, fight song and theme song for all ages This song may someday make a great movie theme.

Our MP3 song Tiger Fever is dedicated to this beast in the wild because he is loved all over the world. So loved that a multitude of sports teams actually use him around the world as a Tiger Mascot. I hope you love my song because I love the tiger.  MY SONGS TIGER FEVER, WE LOVE THE GRIZZLIES (CROWD VERSION), WHEN I LOOK IN YOUR EYES (LEAD LINE VERSION) AND TWO FULL LENGTH VERSIONS OF MEMPHIS CITY BEAUTIFUL ARE ON YOUTUBE.  TO PURCHASE PRODUCTS and hear the single versions of Tiger  Fever (Lead Line Version), We Love The Grizzlies (Crowd Version), When I Look In Your Eyes (Lead Line Version, dedicated to the female newscasters in memphis) and the full length versions of my song Memphis City Beautiful (Both Main and Lead Line versions) go to the top left corner of this page and click on to the word product.  This will take you to the page containing the youtube links and you can also like my facebook pages for my songs.  My release date and all information concerning release dates and release format will be on this page.   GO TIGERS!

Weee Got Tiger Fever
We're burning up
We have fire in our eyes
cold natured at heart
and we eat our foes alive
Weee Got Tiger Fever
Competitive in all we do
We are sinister and merciless
We'll pounce and pounce on you

Copyright 2012: Silky International Records | Memphis Soul Songs | All rights reserved.